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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post in Progress, Chicken Coop in Progress...

It has been quite awhile since I've written & I apologize, life has recently gotten the better of me.  Today I'm going to start a post that will be edited a couple times over until it's complete.
Back in April we purchased our first couple of chicks (yes, baby chickens) and so it began....  my husband started building the coop, 100% reclaimed, reused, free materials, so far we have not purchased 1 item for the coop, this is for two very important reasons, the materials have been there, the money to buy them has not & to buy a coop already built is fairly expensive (at least to us).  So we purchased 10 chicks all together, coming in 2 at a time over several weeks, we lost 1 her first week here, the store said she was probably sick to begin with & the other chicks just trampled her, sad.  We now have 9 chicks who are almost full grown chickens and we should start seeing eggs by next month; how exciting!  We give them strictly organic feed & we let them roam the yard all day long, once the coop is complete, the will have a huge fenced in area all to themselves with plenty of feed & bonus weeds to munch on.  I will update this again very shortly with pics from beginning of coop (materials used) to end of coop with happy chickens living inside.
This is the 1st wall framed, all reclaimed wood (oak) from my husband's work place.  (spare pallet & packing/shipping wood)

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