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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honestly - Honest Tea! Delicious....

So, this past week one of our local markets had this brand of organic ice teas on sale, 5 for $5, so I figured we'd buy the 5 & give it a try for something different to drink in the house. (We pretty much stick to water - lots of water & milk) We're not soda, or juice drinkers, so this was a nice alternative.
I get to the "Market" & the flavor choices are; white tea, black forest, pomegranite; red tea, and so on.
They are so tasty & most of the flavors you can get caffeine free, not bad on carbs, or sugar, and the ones that are caffeinated are only 1/4 the amount in coffee, so not bad.
I was very, very impressed. I added a link/post with a link to their site for coupons - give 'em a try.
*coupon in separate post*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Ways You Can Join Us at the Table to Save America’s Farms

Please, please if you believe in sustainable living & America's Farms, read this article & help if you possibly can! I found out about this through America's Farmland Trust.

Five Ways You Can Join Us at the Table to Save America’s Farms

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In love with this lunchbox!! Kids, or Adults, check it out!

So, I heard about this from a post on Nature's Path Organic and decided to check it out for myself. My son is starting Pre-School in a couple weeks, while he doesn't yet need a lunchbox, because he only goes for 2 1/2 hours, 2 days a week to start, I still wanted to be prepared. So, I tried this out, the GoodByn: .

First of all it's adorable! Secondly it's eco-friendly & thirdly when your children are old enough to not be soooo "cute" - you can get them w/out ears!! LOL Love it!

You can get them slightly less expensive here:

Some good honest reviews here:

Enjoy!! Need some recipes for your lunchbox, message, or just follow me, I will have some posted very soon.


Monday, August 23, 2010

My Trash Guys

It's called EZ-Cycle!! This is the best idea I have heard of in a LONG time. We signed up with "My Trash Guys", because they do the recycling for you, plus I believe in as a community you use & promote local companies. You put out the trash & they pick it up & sort it out. If you pre sort, you get a discount. You can't beat the convenience of this for a busy family. Check them out:

If you sign up, please tell them the Bell Family of Plymouth referred you!!

Eco-Eco .... tip on food shopping

This is an example on how to save $$ while food shopping on an item that you know you will use & can be frozen in the meantime. So, this example stems from the Deli at a store near us called "The Market" on sale this week, (yes, I scour all the sales flyers when they come in on Thu., circle what we would use & then go do the main food shopping where they have the most stuff on sale that we'll need), But I will go to another store if they have something on super sale that we will definitely use.

This is just such a time: Land o' Lakes American cheese on sale for $3.88 per pound!! Now, if any of you buy cheese/cold cuts regularly you know they are fairly expensive, so this is a great deal. One that cannot go to waste. So, I will buy a minimum of 2lbs. (I'll probably buy 3). One lb. will be for the next couple weeks & the other will go into the freezer for later. (making this an eco-eco tip)

Economically friendly on the budget (for more than 1 week) and Ecologically friendly because there's no waste, by putting what we can't use now in the freezer and saving it safely for later, that is friendly on the earth, less waste, more use out of something!

I hope you enjoy this tip & more to come. This is my real life, we try to live green on a budget and I enjoy sharing our tips with others!! Please follow me if you enjoy getting useful every day tips from a homemaker, not an expert.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tax free weekend in Massachusetts...

This past weekend was tax free here in Massachusetts (which just went up this past year from 5% to 6.25%), so I believe for some people this was an added incentive to get out there & buy something, just because it was tax free! I'm going to do some research & see if I can't find the statistics for spending trends here in the Bay State this past weekend. Check back for an update to this (short) post.

** Yes, we did go out shopping, it was my son Patrick's birthday on Sat.,, so I went out Sat. morning to get all his presents!!**

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Organic Clothing ~ too expensive??

Here is just one example of a site for organic clothing Gaiam (and all sort of other green, or fair trade items) : At first glance might seem to expensive - here's how to make it work on a budget; immediatly go to clearance section: Now you're talking!! Well worth the cost, plus shipping is only .99 cents per order, that's great!! Check it out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Family Film Festival | Regal Theaters

Free Family Film Festival | Regal Theaters

You can't get more economically friendly than free!!

Need Green! (need some work, telecommuting)!!

So, I search every day, driving myself crazy sometimes; all in the name of trying to find legitimate work from home, telecommuting jobs. I'm overqualified for a lot, but willing to take the work, my family does need some extra money. First & foremost I am a Stay at Home Mother, homemaker, so I only look for work from home positions. There are so many scams online to sort through. I have had fairly consistent work for a specific company, but when they have no projects, I have no work. And right now I'm in that situation, I have no work & really need the extra income. At a loss, any suggestions would be great. I would ideally like to find work for a "green" company, something I can really get behind.

I check, craigslist, indeed & so on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday; "Green" Jargon Day

Eco-Chic (Eeko-Sheek); in its simplest explanation is a combination of current trends (trendiness) and a consciousness of the environment.

"her home is very Eco-Chic, using a mixture of green materials, such as bamboo & organic cottons, but making it look modern & current"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confessions at the McDonald's Drive-Thru

Yap, yap.... I did. I rolled on through the McD's drive-thru for a quick lunch for my son today after gymnastics class. I rolled on through with my (seemingly) hypocritical "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" bumper sticker on the back of my "low emissions" CR-V!! I did it, I did it because it was fast & convenient & I couldn't bear the thought of making lunch when we got home; couldn't think of what to make, and didn't feel like wasting time searching before Patrick's nap. Of course these are all fairly lame excuses for my own laziness & desire for some chicken selects mind you. This is my very honest confession of the day! As I hang my head in shame, enjoy your own little bit of laziness & self indulgence today; please.