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Monday, June 14, 2010

Being Green on a tight budget 6.14.10

Let me say, we have a very tight, but I do my very best to be as "green" as humanly buy organic, to buy "green" cleaning products, etc. It can be done even on the smallest of budgets.
Part of this Blog that I'm starting will be about just that, it will also be about day to day life with my wonderful little family. I am a Stay at Home Mother of 2 boys, and CEO of our little house & Executive Partners with my loving & handsome husband. (I also do online work from home - keep that in mind if you have a project that can be performed remotely, or virtually - I am a telecommuting queen)!!
I can offer you recipes, I can offer tips on going green little by little, so that it doesn't hurt your wallet & how to stay green on a tight budget, once you work it into your routine & budget it's very easy to stick with it.
First tip I'll give you, is as you run out of your current cleaning product, replace it with a more eco-friendly alternative. Clip coupons, or buy on sale, when a product is on sale, buy the full amount, i.e. - limit 6 - buy all 6.
I will also offer you links to websites that are eco-friendly, or green inspired, as I find them interesting. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts, but my tips & techniques can easily be applied anywhere.
Comments are welcome, as are suggestions. Please enjoy reading my little space on the web.

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