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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Easy links to learning more about our Environment & Environmental Issues...

I'm sure there are many, many more resources to learn & get involved in our environment. I am putting a couple into this post to give you a start & then you'll find your own way, what works for you & your family & what makes you comfortable. (that is the best way to go green)

You can easily look up farms, or (even better) Organic farms in your area, which will decrease your carbon footprint ("green" jargon .... Every Friday I will do a "green" word post & detail it) ( ) - your carbon footprint can be calculated here.

For looking up local farms here: (type in your zip code). You can usually find local sites that are a lot more specific, for example, this is for my area: (SouthEastern Mass.)

Also, here are a couple of non-profit sites aimed at giving information, fundraising & petitioning environmental causes. Sierra Club: (one of my personal faves)
and this is a new one I found that really piqued my interest:

I would would like to hear comments and feedback. I love sharing information with people who are interested in being a greener, more eco-friendly family.

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