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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep ticks away the "GREEN" way!!

I was researching a way to get rid of ticks on my property & to also keep my dog (Morey) healthy. We have always used "conventional" medicines on him to keep ticks away, but even with that, this year we have had a huge tick infestation in our yard and they are apparantly using Mo as a means of transportation into the house! We have found far too many in our house on, or near our children, which began my quest for a solution that was "green" & wouldn't put Morey, any other neighborhood pets, our children, or ourselves in any danger. During my research I discovered "Garlic Juice" here is a link that will explain in greater detail what I found to my sheer delight:
I have ordered some and can't wait to get it & try it out. I'm thinking I might try to make some up myself & spray around the perimeter of our house. It can't hurt. I will follow up on this post to update how it works.

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