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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honestly - Honest Tea! Delicious....

So, this past week one of our local markets had this brand of organic ice teas on sale, 5 for $5, so I figured we'd buy the 5 & give it a try for something different to drink in the house. (We pretty much stick to water - lots of water & milk) We're not soda, or juice drinkers, so this was a nice alternative.
I get to the "Market" & the flavor choices are; white tea, black forest, pomegranite; red tea, and so on.
They are so tasty & most of the flavors you can get caffeine free, not bad on carbs, or sugar, and the ones that are caffeinated are only 1/4 the amount in coffee, so not bad.
I was very, very impressed. I added a link/post with a link to their site for coupons - give 'em a try.
*coupon in separate post*

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