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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confessions at the McDonald's Drive-Thru

Yap, yap.... I did. I rolled on through the McD's drive-thru for a quick lunch for my son today after gymnastics class. I rolled on through with my (seemingly) hypocritical "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" bumper sticker on the back of my "low emissions" CR-V!! I did it, I did it because it was fast & convenient & I couldn't bear the thought of making lunch when we got home; couldn't think of what to make, and didn't feel like wasting time searching before Patrick's nap. Of course these are all fairly lame excuses for my own laziness & desire for some chicken selects mind you. This is my very honest confession of the day! As I hang my head in shame, enjoy your own little bit of laziness & self indulgence today; please.

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