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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need Green! (need some work, telecommuting)!!

So, I search every day, driving myself crazy sometimes; all in the name of trying to find legitimate work from home, telecommuting jobs. I'm overqualified for a lot, but willing to take the work, my family does need some extra money. First & foremost I am a Stay at Home Mother, homemaker, so I only look for work from home positions. There are so many scams online to sort through. I have had fairly consistent work for a specific company, but when they have no projects, I have no work. And right now I'm in that situation, I have no work & really need the extra income. At a loss, any suggestions would be great. I would ideally like to find work for a "green" company, something I can really get behind.

I check, craigslist, indeed & so on.

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